After touring the globe for almost ten years with The Juliana Theory, Josh Fiedler, Chad Monticue, and Josh Kosker joined together some three years after TJT disbanded to play in the Fiedler founded project, Vesta.

Vesta is:
Joshua Fiedler - Guitars, Pianos, Synths
Joshua Kosker - Guitars, Vocals
Chad Monticue - Bass, Vocals
Justin Niedzwecki - Drums, Percussion, Synths

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Not so much as a Vesta CD review, but more like a few thoughts on the album which was released independently on the 6th October 2009.

I've just listened to the 0.1 Daylight's Coming EP by Vesta for the second time and I think that it's fantastic. Featuring Juliana Theory alumni Josh Fiedler, Josh Kosker and Chad Alan, the trio have enlisted Fiedler’s buddy Justin Niedzwecki to take on the drumming duties and complete the group.

The quartet have managed to create a collection of songs which have an urgency about them, and almost make you want to go and do something. The track 'Pretty Girls in Magazines' has an infectious energy that is upbeat and really makes me want to go somewhere in my car just so I can drive fast and play it obscenely loud.

Although the vocal throughout the record does not stand out quite as Brett Detar's range does in some of the The Juliana Theory back catalogue, the Vesta vocal duties falling on Koksker are superb and fit the sound well. This did raise the question while listening, why didn't Kosker sing more in TJT?

Speaking of former Juliana Theory singer Brett Detar, there are backing vocals on the track 'Shake Shake' which sound like they could have come from the man himself. Listen out; see if you hear it too.

Track 4 is called Big Bad Wolf and reminds me a little of the band 'My Vitriol', the instrumental acts as an Emotion is Dead Part 1 kind of intro to the track 'Show Me Your Eyes'.

Although definitely similar this is not The Juliana Theory, this is an exciting, new direction for three of the former members who have generated a decent well produced sound.

As a big Juliana theory fan I like 0.1 Daylight's Coming a lot and I hope that Juliana Theory fans give it a go because you can hear the passion in the music.

0.1 Daylight's Coming


  1. Hang Around
  2. Shake Shake
  3. Pretty Girls in Magazines
  4. Big Bad Wolf
  5. Show Me Your Eyes
  6. Silhouette Girl
  7. Let's Dance Alone
  8. Bullet on a Thread (CD only)

The record was engineered and mixed by Jonathan Gunnell and was mastered by Garrett Haines at Treelady Studios. The artwork and layout is by Christophe Remy.

A limited edition hard copy of the Vesta CD features 8 tracks and boasts a cool clear disc effect.

You will also receive a link to instantly download the MP3s to last you until you receive the CD.

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