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12/7/02 - Josh Kosker is selling some gear. Check it out here.

12/3/02 - Hey! Hope all of you had a great Thanksgiving! We spent ours in Cardiff, Wales while on our UK tour- eating Italian food and watching Ali G in the bus. Booyakasha! We had a blast over there! The shows were amazing and was great to meet so many new fans. It was amazing to see so many kids coming out to shows in a country that we've never been to before, where we've only had records released as imports and have so many people singing along. Thanks to all of you who came out to the shows- and a extra-special big up to all the kids from Spain, Germany, Australia, Greece, Ireland, Scotland, Mexico and the US who flew out just to see us on tour! We'll be back soon. Respect.

We've just confirmed several new tourdates. Many more dates will be confirmed over the next couple of weeks. Keep checking back for all of the latest show and ticket information.

"Do You Believe Me?" was officially added to several stations last week nationwide for full-time airplay. If you want to hear TJT on your local station, let the station know! Request "Do You Believe Me?" here

11/13/02 - Hey! Lots of exciting things happening right now:


The Juliana Theory have just announced that they'll be doing a full-US co-headline tour with Something Corporate in January and February! Both bands will be playing full 60-minute sets and will be bringing along a couple of very cool opening acts on the tour as well. Dates and ticket information will be announced in the next week or so. It's going to be an amazing tour- don't miss it! Following the tour with Something Corporate, look for the band to return to Canada and Europe.

The band is currently in Los Angeles putting the finishing touches on a couple of songs left over from the LOVE album sessions. They're also editing live concert footage that was shot at the secret street team show back in September. You'll be able to get the bonus tracks and videos when you buy the new album LOVE - in stores February 4. Stay tuned for more details...

There is a massive buzz on the upcoming JULIANA THEORY UK headline tour. Tickets are going fast and the UK promoters are expecting every show to sell out! That's amazing for the band's first trip over! Thanks to all of the UK fans for your love and support!

Keep checking http://www.thejulianatheory.com/dates.htm for all of the latest show and ticket information.

"Do You Believe Me?" is officially being shipped to radio stations for airplay at the end of this month. However...a few stations have already started playing the track early, including THE EDGE in BUFFALO where the song has exploded onto the Top 5 at 9 countdown! Help TJT get to the top of the countdown by voting here: /http://www.wedg.com/top5at9.html If your local radio station has a nightly countdown, let us know (note city and station name) by emailing countdown@louderthanbombs.com

10/19/02 - Message from the band:

LOVE is now going to be released early 2003. The reason for moving it back is because we, our management and our record company feel that the album will be able to get the proper attention and 'push' during that time period as opposed to November/December when there is a glut of new cd releases.

We're as disappointed as anyone that the record is delayed and we won't be able to get it to you for a couple more months, but we're hard at work as usual - using the extra time to tour some places of the world that we've never been to before, as well as completing recording some b-side tracks from the LOVE sessions. Those songs as well as some exclusive live concert footage will likely be used as bonus content that you'll be able to access when you buy the cd.

Don't tell our record company, but we're glad so many of you are hearing the new album on the internet! It's been great to hear all of you singing the new songs at our recent shows. All we ask is that you support us by buying it when it comes out. We've made sure that it'll be priced cheaper than any of our previous albums when it comes out and you won't want to miss the bonus content or amazing artwork that Paul Brown did.

Thanks to all of you for your love and support.


10/18/02 - Hey! The Juliana Theory have just added several new US tourdates for Oct. and Nov and are excited to be heading over to the UK for the first time in late November. They'll be bringing a cool new band called Funeral For A Friend along for the UK dates. Click here for the tourdates!

The new Juliana Theory album, LOVE, will be in stores early next year! But you can hear new music from the album now: Hot Topic is giving away 2-song limited edition JULIANA THEORY samplers featuring "Bring It Low" and "Do You Believe Me" from the forthcoming album, LOVE. Get yours for FREE with purchase of the Juliana Theory "Desperado" t-shirt at participating Hot Topic locations or hottopic.com while supplies last!

10/2/02 - Just announced new tourdates for Pittsburgh, Poughkeepsie and Lancaster.

Brett is selling one of his Gibson SG guitars and a DOD pedal . Check them out!

9/29/02 - New tourdates added: Long Island at The Downtown and a free show at Penn State University.We'll be adding several other new dates this week. Keep checking the tourdates page for all the latest info.

Check out the news items in the online store! We've got new patches & stickers , hoodies , keychains , lighters , and lots of new t-shirts .

9/20/02 - Just added some new tourdates for October supporting Our Lady Peace.

9/17/02 - Check out the new tour diary . We'll be adding entries from the band regularly while they're on the road.

Thanks to everyone who made the secret show in Pittsburgh such a success. It was great to see so many of our street teamers and friends. We had a 5-camera crew shoot the entire show and plan to make clips of it available on the site soon.

Tour news: The Juliana Theory will be heading out on the road again in November for a headlining tour with our friends Hey Mercedes, Celebrity and Vendetta Red. We'll be announcing dates shortly.

Album news: LOVE will be released November 12. We've posted the tracklisting and album art here . Listen to our new single "Do You Believe Me?" here: lo-fi hi-fi

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Check out these recent interviews with Brett and Chad:

Pop Matters
Rec Room Magazine

9/04/02 - Ever wanted to attend an intimate Juliana Theory recording session? Well...you may just get your chance. The band are planning to record a special, secret live show sometime in the next couple of weeks for upcoming cd and video releases. Listen to 105.9 The X/Pittsburgh beginning this weekend for details and your chance to win admission to the show. While you're at it, give The X a call and ask them to play "Do You Believe Me?" - 412.333.9939.

Check out this recent interview Chad Alan did with StarPolish .

Here's another contest for you guys to win, this time it's for a Playstation 2 and some new CDs:

GET BACK TO SCHOOL IN STYLE WITH A PLAYSTATION 2 AND FREE CD's! TheJulianaTheory.com, FYE and Windows Media are givin' it all away! Sign Up Now for your chance to score a Sony PS2 and the latest CD's from The Juliana Theory, Howie Day, Good Charlotte, KoRn, Kazzer, and more.

9/02/02 - Want to buy a Fender Jazzmaster guitar that Josh Fiedler played on tour this summer? Check it out!

News from Brett:

Hello there everyone. We just got back from another great tour of the good ole United States. It was our first trip in a tour bus, and we all loved that big red house on wheels. Sleeping whenever we wanted, constant video games, 3 complete seasons of the Sopranos, and about 25 cookouts on our stage manager Both's grill. We had a great time with all of our fans and friends who came out to the shows. Thanks to everyone who came out to see the shows, you mean everything to us. We also want to send a special thanks to all of the bands who shared the road with us: Coheed & Cambria, Twothirtyeight, Injected, and Element 101. A special wish goes out to our buddy Nick from Element 101 (our prayers and thoughts are with you, keep feeling better). This trip across the U.S. brought us around in some form of a circle, through the midwest, out to the west coast, and back home again. We had some especially memorable shows in Dallas, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Mesa, and Sacramento. But of course, we enjoyed all of the shows and thank you once again for coming out. We capped off the tour in our home state of Pennsylvania at the Great Allentown Fair with Jimmy Eat World. Thanks to those guys for putting us on the bill. That was an incredible show and Jimmy really rocked the place. Now we are home for a little less than two weeks (which is the longest time off that I have had in over a year!) We are anxious to get back out on the road again though. Coming up in the near future: finally a show in Pittsburgh, some dates with Unwritten Law, and even a show with Queens of the Stone Age (who I cannot wait to see). Our new record comes out soon, I am anxious. So that's it for now from me. Thanks again for your continued support. We have the best fans in the world.

Brett and The Juliana Theory

8/28/02 - Here's a new contest for ya. Good luck! If you win we're coming over to your house to watch Season 3 of The Sopranos on your new Dreamsystem:

Epic Records is breakin' out the rock and giving away seven smoking CD's, six rocking DVD's, and the hottest DVD DreamSystem to spin 'em all on! Check out the BREAKS OUT THE ROCK SWEEPS for your chance to score it all, including Do You Believe Me from The Juliana Theory!

8/17/02 - The Juliana Theory are invading California this week with shows in Sacramento, SF, Ventura, LA, Pomona and San Diego. You can find all the show details here . TJT will be following this tour with a few weeks of dates with UNWRITTEN LAW. We'll be posting new tourdates as they're confirmed.

Have you seen the new merch yet? New t-shirts, baseball shirts and hoodies. Check it out.

We're looking for recent fan photos. If you've got pictures of TJT from any of the 2002 tours, please email photo@louderthanbombs.com and let us know. We want to include your pics on the website.

Thanks to everyone in the Pittsburgh area for continuing to request "Do You Believe Me?" on The X. If you're in the area, the request line number is 412.333.WXDX (9939). Keep calling!

Check out the new messageboard .

8/1/02 - Thanks to everyone in the Pittsburgh area that has been requesting "Do You Believe Me?" on The X. The X is one of the first stations to play The Juliana Theory and it's all because of the support of all of you in Pittsburgh! If you're in the area, the request line number is 412.333.WXDX (9939). Keep calling! For everyone outside of Pittsburgh, if you want to hear The Juliana Theory on the radio, we'll be setting up a radio section of the site in the next few days with request line info., etc. for the stations in your area. Let's take over the airwaves!

October 22. That's the new scheduled release date for LOVE. We're excited. We're completing the artwork right now and are making plans to shoot a video for "Do You Believe Me?". We've also just added several new tourdates , including the Allentown State Fair with Jimmy Eat World and Skatefest in Worcester. We're going to be on the road for the rest of the year and will keep announcing new shows as they're confirmed.

JULY 27th 2002 - NOTE FROM BRETT: Hello all. It has been a while since I have written anything for you all to read. I just got done typing up some set lists for this upcoming tour. We will be playing our longest set ever, including 7 brand new tunes from our upcoming record "Love." Sure, we won't be doing all 7 new songs each night. We will be varying it up from night to night, but I am excited to be breaking out a lot of these newer songs. We look forward to hearing your reactions to the new stuff. I feel that we are back in shape as a live band. The first few shows of our east coast tour a month and a half ago were a bit rough. After 6 months off from the road, and most of that time spent working on new material in the studio, we were a bit rusty for a while. But after a couple weeks, it all came back to us! I have been thrilled by our newest member, Josh "Chip" Walters. His power and passion on the drum kit has really added a new depth and a harder hitting quality to our live show. He has not been out to much of the west coast like the rest of us road veterans, so make sure you all make him feel welcome. So as I was saying, we are looking forward to seeing you all in the next month and a half. It's been a while since we have been on the other side of the US. And back to new music again, I have been told that samplers with some of the new songs will be in production soon. Street teamers and such can be expecting a taste of the record a bit early. We want the music to get out to anyone and everyone, so spread the music around. The record is getting closer and closer to completion in all aspects. The artwork is being completed as I write this. Paul Brown and the band have come up with a beautiful and striking cover image that we are all very pleased with. If you know much about the band, we've never really been too pleased with a lot of our album artwork, but the art on "Love" should change all of that for us. You'll all see it soon. Well, I am heading out now. Take care and we look forward to seeing you all on the road.

Peace and Love,

JULY 26th 2002: Hey! We're hitting the road again next week. We start in Detroit 8/2 at Snowjam with Filter and Unwritten Law, head up to Toronto for their first ever show in Canada, then meet up with Coheed & Cambria, 238 and Element 101. We're excited to get back to the western side of the country for the first time (but certainly not the last) this year. Tickets are already on sale for many of the dates- be sure to get them in advance as shows will sell out. We'll be adding new tourdates every day so keep checking the tourdates page for the latest news and show info:

ATTN: musicians. We're selling lots of gear previously owned by The Juliana Theory right now HERE and HERE . We'll be adding new items every few days. If you're looking for great gear, don't miss out.

JULY 17th 2002: Buy our stuff! You can buy equipment previously owned by The Juliana Theory right now HERE and HERE. New items will be added every couple of days. Don't miss some great deals on pro gear.

JULY 3rd 2002: The tourdates page has just been updated. We'll be adding new shows for the rest of the month of August every day. Keep checking back for the latest info. Dates in CA, OR, AZ and TX will be announced this week.

We just got home from one of the most fun tours we've ever done. Thanks to all of you that came out to the shows- and thanks also for giving our new drummer Josh Walters such a warm welcome. We had some good times with some good friends and great bands this tour: Glassjaw, Piebald, Celebrity, Noise Ratchet and Coheed & Cambria. If you haven't heard these bands, definitely check them out.

We're making plans now to shoot our first video late this month or early next. It will be for the song "Do You Believe Me?", which will be the first single from our new album. We'll post details about the video shoot as things develop. Look for the single and video in early September and our album in October. We can't wait.

JUNE 19th 2002: Greetings from the road. Thanks to all of you that have been coming out to these shows. It feels so great to be back on the road again. Glassjaw and Piebald have been awesome to have out with us on tour and we've been really enjoying playing some of our new album tracks while out on this run.

We've had a couple of crazy things happen on tour lately- the electrical fire in Jacksonville- and yesterday we snapped an axle on our trailer that has caused us to have to cancel tonight's Tallahassee show.

We've just added new Philadelphia and Boston dates in July. If you live in the midwest or west coast, we'll be announcing the details of our August/September tour soon. As always, you can find the latest up to the minute show and ticket info on our tourdates page

JUNE 15th 2002: To all of our Jacksonville fans: We're sorry about the electrical fire last night at the Marquee Theatre. We were just as surprised and disappointed as you were. Of course, it was completely out of our control. We wanted to play so badly that we worked it out so that we could go over to Jack Rabbit's and play a show that night. We were glad that so many of you came over to the other club. We had a great time. Thanks to the Gadjits and Squad Five-O for letting us borrow their gear. Thanks also to Piebald and Glassjaw for helping us rescue our gear from the Marquee in the dark. We love all of you and will be back in Jacksonville this fall.

JUNE 5th 2002: NYC SHOW UPDATE- our ticket store sold out in the first day for the 7/18 Bowery show. We're working to make more tickets available this week. In the meantime, some tickets have been made available through Ticketweb . Get them before they're all gone!

JUNE 4th 2002: The Juliana Theory have just added a very special New York City show on July 18 at the Bowery Ballroom. There will only be a limited number of tickets available to the public for this show. We're giving our street team and mailing list members first crack at them- they're available NOW through our official ticket store They'll go onsale via Ticketmaster at the end of next week- but don't wait- get yours before they're all gone.

MAY 24th 2002: Gordy just launched a brand new e-team/street team site. Check it out here.

SPECIAL NYC SHOW!: We've just added a very special New York City show at the Bowery Ballroom July 18. Only a very small number of tickets will be made available to the public. Stay tuned for details on how to buy tickets.

ALBUM NEWS: The band is mixing the last few tracks of the album now in Miami with Tom Lord-Alge. The album is scheduled for release this fall. The Juliana Theory will be shooting their first music video this summer and will be touring for the rest of the year. We'll be announcing the album tracklisting and first single soon.

TOURDATE NEWS: We've just added Piebald and Coheed & Cambria to our rescheduled Allentown (old date: 6/6, new date: 7/2) and Old Bridge, NJ (old date: 6/7, new date: 7/3) shows. If you already bought tickets for either of the rescheduled shows, hang on to them- they'll be honored for the new dates.

We'll be making an announcement about our July-September tour plans in the coming days. As always, you can find the latest up to the minute show and ticket info on our tourdates page

MAY 20th 2002: Lots of news to report...the new album LOVE will be released this fall on Epic Records. If you've been following the studio diary you know that the band just completed the recording process over the weekend and have started mixing the album today with Tom Lord-Alge (The Cure, Hole, Weezer). We'll be announcing the tracklisting shortly. If you're on the street team, you'll get a chance to preview 3 new tracks this weekend. Check your email box for details.

TOURDATE NEWS: There have been a couple of changes to the June tour. As often happens in the music business, showdates change - often times these changes are out of our control. We've rescheduled 2 shows: Allentown, PA (old date: 6/6, new date: 7/2) and Old Bridge, NJ (old date: 6/7, new date: 7/3). If you already bought tickets for either show, hang on to them- they'll be honored for the new dates. Sadly, we're forced to cancel the 6/5 State College, PA show- but hope to announce a new tourdate for State College for later this summer. If you have a ticket for the State College show you can get a refund at place of purchase. As always, you can find the latest up to the minute show and ticket info on our tourdates page.

In happier tourdate news, we're planning a new tour for later this summer that will bring us to most of the rest of the US (and a few cities in Canada). We'll post more info as dates and opening acts are confirmed.

Can't wait to see you all out on the road and for you to hear the new album. More news soon.

APRIL 26th 2002: We're happy to announce that we've just added some cool bands to the June tour: The Rocking Horse Winner, Noise Ratchet and Celebrity will be joining us for select shows. You can find up to the minute show and ticket info on our tourdates page. Be sure to get your tickets early as these shows will sell out quickly. We'll be adding MANY more dates, keep checking back for the latest info!

Check out the new issue (June 2002) of Alternative Press- The Juliana Theory is featured in the 'in the studio' section. It includes a photo of the guys hanging out near the pool of The Site back in March.

STREET TEAM RELAUNCHING: We are in the process of re-launching the street team and accepting new members. If you were a member of the street team but signed up prior to April 2002 we need you to rejoin. Thanks! Sign up here .

The band is still hard at work on the new album out in California. To bring you up to date, the guys have recorded 16 songs and should be finished in the next 3 weeks or so. Tom Lord-Alge (The Cure, Hole, Marilyn Manson) mixed the first two songs, "Do You Believe Me" and "Jewel To Sparkle" this week and the band is REALLY happy with how everything sounds. Read all about the making of the album and check out exclusive pics from the studio in the studio diary .

MARCH 19th 2002: We should have the first confirmed dates of our June tour with Glassjaw and Piebald posted next week on the tourdates page. Keep checking the studio diary for the latest news from the band in the studio. We'll be updating that section with lots of new pics in the next few days!

MARCH 7th 2002: Check out the studio diary ! We'll be updating it daily while the band is in the studio and adding new pics and video.

We're also very happy to announce that we'll be hitting the road in June with a couple of great bands: GLASSJAW and PIEBALD! We'll be announcing the dates and advance ticket info. in the next week or so. Keep ch ecking the tourdates page for the latest news and info!

MARCH 2nd 2002: We're sad to report that our drummer, Neil Hebrank, is no longer with the band. We've shared many great times with Neil over the last several years and we will remain close friends with him. The four of us wish him all the best in everything he does, and we will always appreciate the music and memories we made together.

We've been working for the last few weeks with Josh Walters, a long-time friend of the band, playing drums. We're really excited about playing with Josh and can't wait for all of you to hear the new album. We'll be starting to tour again in June. See you then!

-Brett, Chad, Josh & Josh

FEBRUARY 19th 2002: TOUR NEWS: We're starting to plan our first of many tours in 2002. This one will begin in June and bring us to some parts of the country that we haven't been to in almost a year. Look for announcements in the next few weeks. We'll post the shows on the tourdates page as soon as they're confirmed.

ALBUM NEWS: This week we start preproduction on our new album. We've written 17 new songs that we're all VERY excited about. We'll track the record in California in March & April and plan to mix in May. We can't wait for all of you to hear the new music.

FEBRUARY 3rd 2002: Check out the March issue of Alternative Press magazine. We're featured as one of their top bands "You Need To Know in 2002".

JANUARY 1st 2002: HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! 2001 has been a year that I am certain none of us will forget. We have had good times, and we have had our share of bad times as well. But today, a new year is upon us. We are all looking forward to what this year will bring. So, from The Juliana Theory to you, Happy New Year!

WEBSITE NEWS: Thank you for visiting thejulianatheory.com once again. I am sure that you all noticed the new design. We hope that you are enjoying it. We have added new frequently asked questions, member profiles and equipment lists, and new MP3's among other things. We will also be adding lots more goodies in the next few days, so keep checking back.

THANKS: In un-web-related news, we want to say thanks to everyone who came to any of our year end shows. Yes, the shows were not without their problems (Zao breaking up on stage, snow pummeling the city of Buffalo, Neil and Marty Merch coming down with the stomach flu), but we all still had a great time. We made it to all of the shows amidst the problems, and even played one more date than we were supposed to play. But anyways, the shows were a massive success and we thank you all for coming out and rocking with us. We also want to thank Piebald for filling in for Zao (and doing a mighty fine job) and to our hometown buddies Jameson, for coming along and rocking every night. Thanks.

MUSIC NEWS: We are now back to the daily grind of readying new songs for our next record. The band is rehearsing daily and I am continuing with lyric and vocal writing each evening. We have the music to 15 songs or so done, and we are still writing. We will be heading into the studio with Jerry Harrison (Talking Heads, No Doubt, Live) producing and David Schiffman (system of a down, rage against the machine, red hot chili peppers) engineering. Most likely, recording will begin sometime in mid February. We will be laying down the tracks, high up, in the secluded mountains outside of San Francisco at a studio called "The Site." It is a beautiful and inspirational location and we are more than excited to start working there. Neil Young is recording there right now and up until when we enter the studio, so we know that the rooms will be blessed before we even get there! It will be a little while, but sometime next year, this record will be out on Epic Records. We will let you know lots more details (like what we are going to call it) as we figure them out.

TOUR NEWS: All of this writing and recording means no shows for a while. We will not be playing any dates until May 2002 at the earliest. If you missed us this past year, don't worry, once our record is finished we will be on the road forever and a day.

LIVE ON TV / A REQUEST: If you live in Buffalo or the western New York State area, check your local television listings for the coverage of the benefit concert for the Western New York Food Bank. We were offered this show at the last minute and got to play with some great acts (including the Goo Goo Dolls) for a great cause. We were rushed on and off stage in seconds and got to play 3 songs in front of a huge audience of a large variety of people. It was a unique but great experience. The entire show was recorded on multiple cameras and is set to be aired on Saturday the 5th I think. So if anyone could record this for us, that would be amazing. We have never been on TV before this, so we are really hoping to have this for the archives. If someone records and sends this to us, we will be certain to make it worth your time. If you record it, email management@thejulianatheory.com.

NEW MERCHANDISE: There is and there will be a large selection of brand new TJT gear in our online store. We have just made brand new T-Shirts, Hoodies, Longsleeve Tees, Girl Shirts, Button Sets, and finally (after lots of requests) 2 Posters!! Check it out.

Once again, thank you all for your continued support. You have made 2001 the best year ever for The Juliana Theory and we owe it all to you! 2002 will only be better.

Best Wishes,

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