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All Juliana Theory news was originally posted on thejulianatheory.com website. Content is re-published with permission from the group.

NOVEMBER 30, 2001- Big thanks to everyone who has come out to the shows this month. The band has been playing a few songs live on this tour that they've never played before- new ep tracks "Breathing By Wires" and "Liability" and "We're Nothing Without You" from Emotion Is Dead. NEW TOURDATES ANNOUNCED: Four special end of year shows have just been announced. All shows will feature ZAO and another special guest. These will be The Juliana Theory's final shows before they enter the studio to record their new album. Here are the dates:

Wednesday 12/26 Pittsburgh, PA Club Laga
Thursday 12/27 New York, NY Bowery Ballroom
Friday 12/28 Boston, MA Axis
Sunday 12/30 Buffalo, NY Showplace Theatre

Check out the tourdates page for addtional information and to buy advance tickets.

NEW ALBUM: The Juliana Theory have written many new songs and will be heading into the studio in late January to begin work on their next album. Look for a summer 2002 release on Epic.

PHOTO CONTEST: Do you have any awesome live photos of The Juliana Theory? If so, email a small reference JPEG of it (72dpi) to photo@louderthanbombs.com . The band will look at all entries and might pick one to be a new band poster or used in the packaging for the forthcoming live album!

NEW OFFICIAL MERCHANDISE: We've got several new items in our online store just in time for the holidays: messenger bags, a new micstar hoodie, 4 new t-shirt designs and new stickers and buttons. We're also offering a FREE TJT American Flag logo t- shirt with purchases of $50 or more for the rest of the year. Gift wrapping is also available. Check it out!

NOVEMBER 28, 2001- To all Juliana Theory fans in Denver: The band is deeply disappointed that they had to cancel last night's show at the Bluebird. They road conditions on the very long drive from Salt Lake City made it impossible for The Juliana Theory and The Movielife to get to Denver safely in time for the show. The Theory love Denver and will make it back as soon as possible. Thanks for your support and understanding.

OCTOBER 19, 2001- Hello Everybody! Thanks for stopping by our website once again. It is always a pleasure to have you here. Just this past week, we played 4 shows. We were blown away every night by just how many of you showed up! Thank you all for your constant support. We have been spending the bulk of our time writing new material as of late. We had not played any shows for 3 months. I think we were a bit rusty on the first few, but after getting back in the groove, we remembered just how amazing it is to be a live band. Everyone who came out to see the shows was awesome, and we really enjoyed ourselves. If you were at the Pittsburgh show, then you were there for what will be a bit more "memorable" than any normal show. As you probably know, the show was recorded for a live CD. Now the disc is not going to come out for a long time, but when it does, it should make for a nice memory. THE EP: So anyways, this Tuesday our brand new 6 track EP, "MUSIC FROM ANOTHER ROOM" hits stores. We only finished working on it in the studio a month and a half ago, and it is already coming out. This is our quickest turn around time for a release, and we are excited to have it coming out . Our online store will be selling it if you cannot find it at a local record store.

You can still download the track "This is the End of Your Life" from the new EP at www.mp3.com/thejulianatheory It's free! So go listen now!

If you have not signed up yet, we JUST opened a new mailing list. This new one should function alot better. So if you want the latest information, news, tourdates, promotions, and all the other good stuff directly from the band--- sign up today!

Please check out our tour dates page . New shows are being listed daily. We will be in the van again for another 5 weeks, starting in early November. We cannot wait to see you all!

We are also working on a new line of merchandise right now. There will be plenty of new goodies out on the road with us and also at our online store.

We are looking for some new recruits. A new street team is opening up. This is a great way for you to support The Juliana Theory in an extra helpful way and earn free concert tickets and other cool stuff. So sign up .

Once again, Thanks for the love
The Juliana Theory

Check out this review of the new EP, "Music From Another Room", by Fish Rock of manateeBound.com [ click here]

OCTOBER 2, 2001- On October 23, (yes, that is just three weeks from today) our new EP "Music From Another Room" hits stores everywhere. You will be able to buy it right here on our website if you have trouble finding it around town. Either way, we are very excited to have some new music out. Speaking of which, you can now listen to, and download "This is The End of Your Life" from Mp3.com. Just check out this page . The song has just been posted a few hours ago so you can get it now, three weeks before the EP comes out. Please, email all of your friends and let them know about the song. We want everyone to check it out! Thank you again for all of your support, and keep your eyes on the tourdates page as new dates should be listed soon!

SEPTEMBER 17, 2001- Once again,The Juliana Theory would like to continually send out our love, support, and prayers to everyone affected by this past week's tragedy. We hope that you can all find happiness and relief from these times of trouble. We know that bad things often end up creating positive things in their wake. Please do not lose hope. Continue to come together and make a positve change in the world. Remember, love can heal many wounds. Hate only makes things worse. To all of you who have helped in any way, we send our thanks. To all of you who have lost loved ones, we send our condolences and our prayers.

Please check out the tourdates page. We are making up all of the shows that were cancelled this past week, except for one. The new dates are all listed, and as far as we know, your old tickets will be honored for the new show dates. Thank you, and we apologize for any inconviences.

Visit the Old News section, if you have not in a long while. We have lots of upcoming release news!

SEPTEMBER 13, 2001- The Juliana Theory family extends our condolences to the families of the victims of Tuesday's terrorist attacks. Our thoughts and prayers are with them, their families, and friends. In light of recent events, we will be postponing the following shows:

9/12 Philadelphia
9/13 Worcester, MA
9/14 New York City
9/15 S. Amboy, NJ
9/17 Pittsburgh Pennsylvania

We apologize to everyone that had planned to attend any of these shows. This situation is beyond our control. We hope to see you all again on tour and will try to reschedule as soon as possible. Please keep checking here for details on upcoming shows.

SEPTEMBER 10, 2001- Hello there everyone! I have just returned home from Little Rock, Arkansas. I was with Barry Poynter and Jason Magnusson mixing the EP “Music From Another Room.” It is now complete. Mixing, mastering, and even the artwork is finished. It is at the plant now, being manufactured. We have been told that the EP will be available on October 23rd. As we know more about this, we will let you know. The CD contains over 27 minutes of unreleased music. The “Music From Another Room” EP’s track listing is as follows:
“This is the End of Your Life”
“… In a Fraction”
“Breathing by Wires” and
“Piano Song.”

We also plan to have an MP3 available for one of the songs very shortly. We also plan to have the lyrics up on the site very shortly. Check back here soon. This website will be the first place to download a copy of whatever song we choose to release early. We would also like to remind you again of our upcoming shows. This Wednesday starts a very short run of tour dates. Please come out to the shows if you get a chance. We will be debuting “Liability” from the EP (we have yet to play it live). We will also be playing a song from “Emotion is Dead” that we have never played live before. And of course, Monday the 17th at Club Laga is our live recording show. Please come out as we will be doing a long set of new songs and old favorites. I can say that some of the songs we will be playing that night have not been played in a long time! Let’s make that night an event to remember. Please, come out, make some noise, and be a part of our first ever, live recording. We would love to have your voices heard, singing along and having a good time.

Thanks for the continued love and support!
Brett Detar

JULY 23, 2001- Hello Everybody -- We finally have some news for everyone. Questions have been asked and rumors have been flying, but now we are filling all of our fans in on what is going on in The Juliana Theory camp. The news is broken down into two self explanatory categories below. Check it out.

Here is what we are currently working on.

1) 6 SONG EP-
Later on this year, we have a brand new EP coming out. This EP is yet to be titled, but contains 6 unreleased tracks (including “This is the End of Your Life” which we played on our last two United States tours). Most of this has been recorded, and will be finished by the end of August. It will be out on Tooth and Nail Records sometime in late fall/early winter 2001.

We are also planning the release of a live record (on Tooth and Nail Records). The record should contain a good cross section of songs from both of our full-length records “Understand This is a Dream” and “Emotion is Dead.” We will announce the dates and locations that we will be tracking this, as soon as we know when they are. Expect this release down the road, some time later in the year 2002.

We are currently writing and demo-ing songs for our third full length record. It will be released on our future label home, Epic Records.
Yes, rumors have been circling around all over the place, and we are signing with Epic/Sony Records. It has been a long and difficult journey deciding where our new home would be, but we made our choice. First of all, we want to thank all of the kind people from all of the labels who drove us around and took us to eat and hung out with us. We really loved everyone that we met and got to know. It was a difficult decision, but after all the deliberating, we chose Epic Records and are very excited about our future with them. We also want to say that everything is still positive between us and all of the people at Tooth and Nail. We want to thank everyone there for all of their hard work and dedication. We know how rumors and false truths can be spread, so we wanted to put all of them to death before they are born. We are still on good terms with everyone at Tooth and Nail. So anyways, back to Epic records: We feel very comfortable with our decision and are happy about our new home. Everyone at the label seems to have a good grasp on our music and our vision as a band. It was very important for us to find a label that would not want to mold us or change us at all. We know that Epic understands what we are and what we hope to be, and we know that they will only try and help us achieve those goals. We will keep writing the songs that we want to write the way that we want to write them. We feel that this move will be a positive one for both the band and all of our fans. We will keep you posted on how the writing and recording of our new record is going.

As far as tour dates are concerned for the rest of 2001, we will not be playing very many more dates, as we will be spending the rest of the year writing and recording. There will be a very small string of east coast dates in September. We will be playing CMJ in New York City, along with a few shows surrounding it. We also hope to do a few shows around New Year’s Eve. Don’t worry though, once 2002 hits, we will be on tour forever (and finally doing some dates outside of the continental United States).

Stay tuned for more news. As we know things, we will let you know. Once again, thank you for all of your constant love and support. Without all of you, our fans, we would be nowhere!

Thank you Sincerely,
Brett and The Juliana Theory

JULY 10, 2001- Wow, it has been so long since we have updated the news page. Obviously, the site looks alot different (and alot better than it ever has). This has just about everything to do with Gordy Greenwalt and Cliffy Chien who ran julianatheory.net. We have joined forces with that site to create the ultimate Juliana Theory website for the fans. This is the official site ran by the band. Frequent updates will be supplied by the band. Gordy is the webmaster for the site. He will be doing the physical updates and changes, so email him for anything web related. Make sure you thank him for all his hard work. And from the band: Thanks Gordy!! Summer tour is over. We really had a great time. Thank you so so much to absolutely everyone who came out to see us. The shows were all really cool and they would not have been without you all! We made some new friends in The Benjamins, Lucky Boys Confusion, and Showoff. And of course, we had a blast with our best friends in River City High. If you saw those guys with us this summer, you certainly saw a killer rock and roll show. We also had a surprisingly good time on the Van's Warped Tour. We did two weeks of that tour and got to play for alot of new people. There are lots of good bands worth mentioning (both old and new friends): Apex Theory, New Found Glory, Sugarcult, Liars Inc., Good Charlotte, Rancid, AFI, and the list goes on.

MAY 12, 2001 - Greetings everyone. It feels wonderful to be home for a few days. The last 6 weeks of tour has been a blast. It has certainly been our best tour ever (thanks to all of you who have continued to come out and see us, and to all of our new fans). Thank you all so much for your continued support. We'd also like to send some love to our buddies in Squad 5-0. It was great playing with those guys every night.

We hit the road again in a few days for another large string of Tour Dates. Please pass the word along to all of your friends about any shows in your area. We would love to see you all there. And just as a warning, alot of shows on our last tour sold out and there were a few people who could not get in to the shows. So, we are advising that you purchase your tickets in advance.

In other news, our Online Store is now open. The store is a great way to buy our records and other gear online with your credit card or whatever. It is fast, convenient, and works great (because we don't run it anymore).

March 21, 2001- Hello and Goodbye. Tonight is our last official night to sleep in our own beds for quite some time. Tomorrow starts our next United States Tour. If you have come to see any of our shows in the past few days, then thank you. If you live anywhere near where we are coming in these next five weeks, you should come and rock with us. Please say hi to any of us or to Chuck, Crash, and Jason who will be out on the road with us. We will be playing at least one brand new song on this tour, along with some songs we hope you are becoming well acquainted with. Hope to see you on the road.

March 3 2001-Hello to everyone. Thank you so much for stopping by the site once again. I just want to personally thank all of you for your constant support of the band. We have received numerous kind emails lately and we just wanted to thank all of you for being the best fans in the entire world! We would not be anywhere without your support. We hope to see you all out on the road soon. The band has been extra busy lately, working on new things and new plans. Below is a list of a few of them. First off, we are releasing our first single to radio this month. "Understand the Dream is Over" is the song that has been chosen as our very first single. March 26th is the date that the song could potentially start showing up on commercial specialty shows all over the country. If you happen to hear one of our songs, please call in and say how much you liked it!
In website news, plans for a completely new site are in the works. Along with a brand new website, we will soon have a professional and efficient online store. Very soon there will be plenty of merchandise available online to order via credit card. The online store will be your one stop for all things related to the band. You will be able to get stickers, cd's, clothing, and anything else we sell at shows quickly and easily with secure online ordering. In tour news, we are heading out on the road again at the end of the month. Check out our tour dates. There will be a lot more dates listed in the very near future, so continually check back for updates. Count on seeing us in action in the months of March, April, May, June, and some of July. Along with us on some of these dates will be Showoff, and Squad Five-0. We are also doing the Warped Tour on the West Coast. NEW SONGS: We have been in the studio on and off recently, working on new material. Exact plans for the release of these songs is still up in the air, but we are writing and recording alot of new material. We are really excited about the new stuff. It leans a bit more on the rock side of the spectrum than music from "Emotion is Dead." We cannot wait for you to hear it.

January 28 2001- Thanks to everyone who voted for us at the Plug Awards. Apparently, thanks to all of you who voted, we won the People's PLUG Music Award. We are totally flattered by this and just want to say thanks to absolutely everyone who cast a vote in our favor. We love you guys! In tour news, we will be doing some west coast dates on the Warped Tour this summer. Cities we are tentatively playing are Phoenix, Las Vegas, Fresno, San Diego, Los Angeles, Ventura, San Francisco, Lake Tahoe, Boise, and Seattle. There will be more tour dates and tour news to come, but don't believe everything you hear and see, even from us. Sometimes, things change. So basically, if you heard us announce at a show recently that we would be touring with a certain band, this is no longer the case. We were told that we would be doing this tour, but then, soon after, we were told a much different story. We apologize for any inconviences, but we will still be coming around the states again soon.

January 22 2001- Thanks to everybody who came out to see us on our 8 show run. The shows were all great, and we enjoyed ourselves. We were happy to come back to some long neglected cities like Nashville and Little Rock. There will be plenty of touring in the near future, so check back here very soon for news.November 1 2000- Tour has been wonderful so far. We are in a hotel outside of Chicago right now, getting ready to play the Fireside tonight. We just wanted to say thanks to everyone who has come to see us so far, the turnouts have been great and we have had a lot of fun! We hope to see the rest of you soon. Please, check out our tour dates and come see us on the road.Setpember 27 2000- Goodness, what can i say to thank you all? The Juliana Theory would be worthless without all of your support. To everyone who went out and bought our new record this week, thank you so much! From what everyone tells me, it did really well for its first week. That makes us all happy. But in all honesty, what are record sales though? Music is for enjoyment and that is why we do it - to make ourselves happy. Music is really nothing to take too seriously, especially not our music. We know that the band is nothing amazing, but playing music makes us happy. What is amazing, though, is that so many of you kind folks enjoy what we do. Thank you for all of your support. We mean it...
--- signed --- Brett Detar and The Juliana TheoryAugust 25 2000- Summer Tour is Over! It was a blast. Thank you to everyone who came out to see us... we could not have done it without you! And the bands we toured with this summer... we only have good things to say about them. The Rock Triple Shot tour with River City High and The Stryder was a great time. We definitely have a load of new buddies from that tour! Props to both of those bands. And before that, there was Now She's Gone and The Operation: only good things can be said about those guys too. Element 101, Onelinedrawing, Stairwell, Etc... Most of those bands have new releases out or coming out (River City High Forgets Their Manners on Doghouse Records, The Stryder's Masquerade in the Key of Crime on Equal Vision Records, The Operation's Invisible Man EP -- Check all that stuff out if you get a chance.) So anyways, like I was saying, thank you to everyone for their support this summer. To all of the promoters, to the people who let us crash at their house, to all who assisted us in any way, Thank You. Just four more days until Emotion is Dead. This coming tuesday... And just so you all know, you can order the CD now from our mailorder department. August 16 2000- Here we are at home for merely a few hours in the midst of this United States tour. Our van has caused a few problems along the way, but soon everything will be replaced on it. Tomorrow morning we are picking up a brand new van. It only has 4,000 miles and will be our vehicle for years to come. This should mean, no more cancellations due to van problems!! So on that note, sorry to everyone who came to see us in Maryland today or North Carolina yesterday or even Nashville the day before. Everything was out of our hands and we were really unhappy to miss the shows. Starting tomorrow, we will finish out the rest of our dates. Please check our shows page before you go anywhere... it has the latest updates!

This news page will be updated in just a couple of days. There is lots to talk about....

And don't forget, only 13 Days until Emotion is Dead.

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