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July 27 2000- Well hey there, I am writing this update from a good friend's house in Phoenix Arizona. We are well on our way into the summer 2000 tour. So far, it has had its ups and its downs as far as our van and shows have been concerned, but overall, it has been a lot of fun. We are glad to be out rocking anywhere and everywhere we can. We look forward to seeing and TALKING TO as many of you as we can. Please check out the shows page for all of the latest updates to our current tour. And to everyone who has come to see us so far, thanks a lot! We enjoyed rocking with you. Well, It is late, and we are all tired, so, Goodnight, Goodnight.June 27 2000- This evening we leave for 52 days. Summer tour here we come! This year should be a lot of fun. We are touring with River City High and The Stryder for a while, Now She's Gone for about 10 days, The Operation once again for a couple weeks, Further Seems Forever and Fairweather for a few days, As well as Slick Shoes and Element 101 as part of the Militia Circus. We are hitting quite a good chunk of the United States. So take a look at our Tour and see if we are coming near you. We would love to see you this summer. And if you have any questions about dates that are not filled or about shows that are TBA, please email booking@thejulianatheory.com or info@thejulianatheory.com. Both will be willing to help get you the information you need to come and check us out...

And don't forget to bring your cameras. The Juliana Theory is still looking for photographs of us playing live. We know that some of you will be shooting pictures this summer, so once you do, Email Shae and send photos to Shae Acopian 1 Irving Place APT V24C New York, NY 10003. We will be releasing a book within the next year or so, and we need as many pictures of us as possible. So don't be shy.

Today, there is some new information on our releases page. The album cover as well as album information for Emotion is Dead is up for your viewing pleasure.

Mark your calendars off for Friday Night, September 29th. This will be our CD RELEASE PARTY for Emotion is Dead. We will be playing at one of our favorite places, Club Laga, in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. The night should be alot of fun. We will be doing giveaways and prizes and stuff like that. It should be a great time. If you can travel here for the show, please do it!May 19 2000- Hello there everyone. Thanks for stopping by again. We just got home a few days ago from our little mini tour of the east coast. It was alot of fun and we want to say thanks to all of you who came out to support us. We also want to thank The Operation for rocking with us the whole time and making tour a lot more fun that it would have been without them. Be on the lookout for their new EP sometime this summer as they are recording it as I write this message. We would also like to apoligize to everyone in Birmingham that came to see us play. We are very sorry that we could not go on stage that night. What happened there was very disheartening and ridiculous. It was also very much out of our control. There have been a couple absolutely untrue reports of what happened that night. All we can ask is that you dont believe everything you read. There are alot of complete untruths on the internet and too many people believe everything they see or hear. Now on to future plans: We know the number one question we have received as of late is in regards to the release date of Emotion is Dead. We still do not know this as of yet. The record has now been mastered, and artwork is nearing its final stages. We hope to see it out sometime in the early fall. This summer, we will be touring the entire month of July, and 3 weeks in August. If you would like to book us for a show, or request one, please email booking@thejulianatheory.com. We plan to hit all of the United States and are setting it up right now. Also, in regards to the summer, we just wanted to let you know that two of our good friends will be tatooing at the Cornerstone festival this year. Dan Weyandt (from zao) and award winning artist Jason Grace will be tatooing out of their hotel room at the fest this year. So we are letting people know to bring some extra cash. If you have any questions about this, you can call them at their shop, Animus, at 724.836.6233. These guys are good friends of ours and do great work, so we highly reccomend them. April 21 2000- Hello and welcome to the slightly revamped Electronic Database. I did not have time for a major overhaul to the site, like I wish I did, but I still got to change some things around. There are a few new pages to see and hopefully a little more life. I guess I am still going for speed and simplicity as number one for the site. Graphics are still at a minimum, but one day that will change. Hope you enjoy the changes. I plan to have a photo section up sometime in the near future, but please don't quote me on that one though. We would like to thank everyone who came out and supported us on our little run of the upper east coast. We played a few cities we have never been in before and made new friends in each place. I guess we are getting back in shape for tour since the last few months have been record, record, record and nothing else for us. Thanks to our boys in Now She's Gone and our new friends in Sri for keeping us company and rocking the stage every night. On to further tour news, we leave next thursday for an east coast run. It lasts about two weeks and takes us all the way down to Florida and back up. We will be bringing our very good friend Marty and his band The Operation along with us. Check out our shows page for more details on the tour. As far as the new record, Emotion is Dead, is concerned: mastering will be taking place in a week or so. The artwork is being completed right now, and plans are being made to release the album. No release date has been set as of yet, but we hope to have it out by the fall. Don't forget to check The Electronic Database often for an mp3 from the new record. We promise to have a song up here long before the album is released. In other news, we are seeking help from anyone and everyone who has photographs of us. If you, or any of your friends have taken pictures of us playing live and would like to see them published, it just might happen. There is a project being put together that requires as many pictures of us as possible. We cannot used scanned photos, we need actual prints. So if you have dooubles you can send us, it would be greatly apprecciated. Contact here for more information about this. If you would like to send photos, the address is Shae Acopian 1 Irving Place, APT V24C New York, NY 10003. Thank you all so much in advance. In more tour news, the summer schedule is being worked out as I write this. As soon as we have enough dates to post, they will be up here. We will be spending a good two months on the road, so hopefully, we will hit alot of the states and maybe finally, some of Canada. We will keep you up to date. Thanks alot for visiting. Rock On!!

March 27 2000- Hello everyone. Sorry it has been so long since we have updated the website. We have been away, working hard at the studio. Chad and myself stayed in Little Rock the entire 49 days, and the rest of the guys were there a lot of that time too. We worked long hours every day to complete Emotion Is Dead but we did it! All we have left is to get the mastering and the artwork and pressing taken care of, and the record will be out. Everything sounds great and we are very pleased with how it all turned out. Our engineers and good friends Barry Poynter and Jason Magnusson did an amazing job this time around, even better than on our last record. The new record contains 12 unreleased songs and one re-recorded song that appeared on our three way split cd... 13 new tracks altogether. All of the lyrics are up too if you want to read any of them. Soon, I will also post an MP3 from the new record, so be checking back here for that! We are not sure of a release date for Emotion is Dead just yet, but as soon as we know, it will be posted here. Count on a CD release party at Club Laga in Pittsburgh. With all of this recording, we have not been able to play many shows, but that is about to change. On april 5th, we leave for a two week tour, followed by another 2 week tour shortly after. We will be on the road with Sri, and will be hitting mostly the eastern United States. Check our shows page often for details and updates on the tour. After that, we will continue touring into the summer months. Also, we would like to make a few apologies... we had to cancel and turn down a few show offers and shows because of our busy recording schedule. We have especially slighted our friends in our own home state of Pennsylvania, and we just wanted to say that we will make it up to you all. Apologies go to anyone who came to see us in Erie on Sunday, we did not arrive home from the studio in time to make the show, as our record took a week longer than planned. We apologize to anyone who came out to see us. Thanks for your support.

January 27 2000- In this next week we will be playing our final show before a seven week break from playing live. This saturday, we play in Wilkes Barre Pennsylvania at the Copper Sun Indie Festival. Check out our shows page for more details on that. After the show, we leave the very next day for the studio. In other related news, we now have a new booking agent. As of today, we will be working with Jamey Shanahan. So if you have sent a booking request to Fata Booking in the past, please send a new one to Jamey so he can get acquainted with those of you that do shows for us, or want to do shows for us. We also want to say thanks to Eva and Christine at Fata for taking care of us for the past while. In tour news, we will be on the road once again as soon as we are done recording.

January 13 2000- We have a new CD out today! our three way split cd on onedaysavior records is finally out. We recorded two new songs for it way back in february and march of 1999. It is about time they saw the light of day. The disc also contains two unreleased songs from The Grey AM and a tune from Jonah Matranga aka Onelinedrawing. We know alot of you have been waiting for this thing for ages, and we finally have it. It looks great and is our first offering of new music since march 23, 1999 when Understand This is a Dream came out. To get your own copy of this disc, send a check or money order for $9 to Joshua Kosker RR 2 Box 52AA Ligonier, PA 15658. Since the beginning of this week, we have been recording the demos for Emotion is Dead. We get more and more excited to make the real thing each day.

January 8 2000- It is only a matter of days until our 3 way split cd will finally be released. Check back here soon for details on that. Today we finished writing the music for "Emotion is Dead." Now only lyrics and vocal melodies to about half of the record remain to be written. We are more than excited to record. This album will certainly change a few people's perceptions of us. We will make new fans. We will lose some old listeners. Some of our critics will be silenced. And, we will have new haters. If you are bored, check out philly 2 nite shortly for a feature story on us under the section called "15 Minutes." We will be touring again soon. Details on this will be posted as soon as we know exactly what is going on. If all goes well though, this should be a good one.

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