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All Juliana Theory news was originally posted on thejulianatheory.com website. Content is re-published with permission from the group.

December 12 1999- It has been quite some time since this site has been updated and we apologize, but we were out on the road again. We had a great time on this tour. It was really cool to hit alot of places that we had not yet been to like florida and the carolina's. Almost everyone was very good to us and we would like to say thanks to everyone who came out and rocked with us. We would also like to send a special electronic thanks to Newby for hitting the road with us. It was a blast having you along and you did a wonderful job man. Second of all, we want to thank all of the people who set up the shows for us and to everyone who was hospitable to us and let us sleep on their floors. We also want to say a special thanks to The Stereo and Further Seems Forever for keeping us company more days than one and for heating the stage up every night. We wish the best to all of those guys: Jamie, the Jeremys, Rory, as well as Chad, Josh, Nick, Chris, and Steve. Since we just got done touring for what seems like a very long time, we will now be taking a break from touring. Since June we have done over 100 US dates and have had a great time. But now we will only be doing a few shows in january as we are preparing to record again soon. If you live in our area of the country, we would love to see you at Club Laga in Pittsburgh on January 15th. It should be alot of fun. We are hoping to see alot of old friends that night. Back to the recording of our new full length, the dates are set. We will be in Little Rock with Barry and Jason again for a little over 5 weeks in February and March of 2000. We are more excited than you can imagine to get back in the studio with a decent amount of time. The chemistry with Josh Kosker in the band now is a fresh and powerful thing and we are very pleased with the material we have been writing. Some of it is a good bit different from the music on Understand This is a Dream, but we hope everyone enjoys it. As of right now, there is no tentative release date. All we can say is that it should be out in the year 2000. In other release news, our three way split cd with Onelinedrawing and The Grey AM, should be out very soon. It has been sent to the pressing plant, so we hope to have it shortly. You can check onedaysavior records for news on that release. And we have good news for everyone that wants to order merchandise from us: The mailorder department is now open again. For mailorders, email The Mailorder Department for availability then Send a Check or Money Order to: joshua kosker RR 2 Box 52AA Ligonier, PA 15658 MAKE ALL CHECKS PAYABLE TO JOSHUA KOSKER. Checks made out to anyone or anything else will not be accepted.

October 11 1999- We finally got our own domain. Welcome to thejulianatheory.com

October 8 1999- In headlining news, the juliana theory officially has a new member. Joshua Kosker is now our new guitar player. He has worked out so well on tour and at practice that there was no way we could or should try and find someone else. He is the perfect man for the job. Welcome aboard Josh, we are all really glad to have you. We are back home for a little bit. The eleven tour dates with Sense Field were amazing. The shows were certainly some of the best we have ever played. Thanks to Sense Field for taking us along with them. It was awesome to see them live every night as well as getting to know them. And their new full length (the one that is going to be out in january) is awesome. Make sure you all go out and buy it right away. Thank you to every one of you who came out and supported us at the shows. It was awesome. The writing for "emotion is dead" (our upcoming album) is very well under way. We have 10 songs written for the record and we are really pleased with them. Most of them cover new ground for us, some in more ways than others. We are really excited about all of the new tunes and will be doing at least one BRAND new one that we have not played live yet on our upcoming tour... We leave in little over a week for yet another tour of the states. This one will span 45 dates and take the band to alot of new places. We will be heading out with Further Seems Forever from florida, Favez from all the way over in Europe, and The Stereo. It should be alot of fun. Please come out and see us if you can. We would love to hang out with you. Check the shows page for details. And if you have a show that you really, really, want to have us play, email our booking agent. In release news, our three way split cd is nearing it's final stages. All of the songs from the grey a.m., jonah's onelinedrawing, and us are in. The artwork is being finished up right now and the final mastering will be done shortly. Soon you will be able to pick up this release from onedaysavior records. This one's got unreleased songs from all of us and we have been getting alot of requests for it, so just sit tight a bit longer, it will be out soon they tell me. We are going to be on a compilation cd for a youth apparel store called The Buckle. I guess it is a decent place, there are 250 of them in the good ole USA and the comp features such rockers as collective soul, fountains of wayne, 311, and cake, among others. Don't forget to check out our frequently asked questions. In website news, i kinda redid the site. it only took an hour and it doesn't look good at all, but one of these days i will design it for real. also, our site will be moving shortly, stay tuned for details and get ready to fix your bookmarks..

September 13 1999- We leave tomorrow for Sense Field tour. It starts in New York City at the famed CMJ Music Festival. We won't be around to accept emails, so please don't send any. We hope to see you on the road. And if you are curious about dates for our upcoming full US tour, in about two weeks more on that will be posted on our shows page. Thanks.

September 1 1999- Thanks to all of you for helping us to reach our 50,000th hit on this website. That is something we never expected. Thanks. Today, our repressed and totally redone Dawson High Split CD's arrived at my doorstep. They will now be available from us at shows as well as available by mailorder from arise records. This version of the split has an extra unreleased song by each band. Here we go again! For all of our faithful fans that email us saying, "Please come to ______" or "When are you coming back to _____ ?" You now have another chance to see us live. It looks as though we will be hitting the road in October and November for another full fledged US tour. We had a great time in June and July, so if all goes well, we will be doing it again soon. This time, we will be hitting the south east and alot of the midwest (two areas we missed before). These dates will be posted on our shows page as we get them. Be patient, they will be up soon enough. In news related to tour, we are in search of a roadie/merch person to go out with us on the Sense Field tour and/or the US tour. What we are looking for is an honest, trustworthy, hardworking person who is willing to help with all of the duties associated with touring (eg. packing the van, setting up equipment, pumping gas, and selling mercandise). Whoever fills this position for us will get to see the country, will have their food paid for, and will have a great time as well as getting a few extra bucks in their pocket when it is all over. If this sounds appealing to anyone out there, please email us with the reasons why we should pick you as our roadie. We are currently very busy writing for our next record. Tentatively, this work in progress will be titled "emotion is dead." We have four and a half brand new songs that have never been played live. There are also a few others that will be on our new record that we have played live.

August 14 1999- Plans for the release of of Understand This is a Dream on vinyl are finally under way. It looks as if this will be a 4 way split label release. Check back here often and we will keep you posted on that subject. In other news, Joshua Kosker (from Dawson High) will now be filling in for us live on the second guitar position. He will be doing the upcoming tour as well as all of the shows we have planned. He has learned our songs in record time and is doing quite well. His debut will be the 21st at the Purple Door Festival in Lancaster Pennsylvania. Thanks Josh... The Mailorder Department is still not open, it probably will be at some time. But if you are one of the faithful fans asking to purchase our gear through the mail, just check this page every once in a while... we will let you know when we will be selling things through the mail. Please go here and vote for the juliana theory ro play Cornerstone Festival 2000. We had a great time there this summer and would love to return again next year. Please support us in this vote. Thank you very much!

August 11 1999- Alright, I guess we have some explaining to do, so here goes. We were forced to cancel about a week and a half of our dates with Elliott due to situations beyond our control involving the line up of the band. Jeremiah Momper is no longer with us. This has been a drastic enough situation to take us out of action for a few weeks, but we will be back and ready to rock very shortly. So dispel any rumors you may have heard about us breaking up, they are completely false. We apologize deeply to all of the areas of the country that we missed coming to (including florida, the carolinas, etc.). We plan to make up those dates in one way or another within the next couple of months. Just be checking the shows page often for updates on that. We also apologize again to all of our friends in Elliott. Those guys were amazing to watch every night and they are rad guys to get to know. In other, more positive news, we will be hitting the road in September for ten dates supporting Sense Field. We are very pleased to announce this, as Sense Field is a great band that we feel privileged to be playing with. Check out our shows page for more details. And now, back to the subject of us canceling dates on tour. We would like to make another statement about this. Maybe this is a bit of a stern statement for us to make, but we feel it is something that needs to be said. We have received quite a few rude emails, and messages from people who were mad that we did not show up to some of the dates that we had to miss. We feel that this is worth addressing. It is one thing to write us a nice email and ask us why we did not show up to a certain show, but it is another thing to write us rude messages insulting us for not showing up. We obviously love playing in this band or we would not have scheduled ten weeks of tour this summer. Doing the juliana theory is something that each member loves and takes seriously. We never cancel shows for no reason. If we have to back out of a show, it is with remorse and for a good reason. Once again, we apologize for the shows that we missed this summer. But please, to those of you who this applies to, don't write us rude emails insulting us for not showing up. That will accomplish nothing. To those of you who this does not apply to, we apologize. Thank you.

July 7 1999- Okay, here is the scoop: We are home from tour for two days as I am writing this little update... First of all, thanks to everyone who has come out to our shows so far this summer. We have had alot of fun all over the states. As for the rest of our summer tour, alot of it has just drastically changed. We are now touring from July 26th to August 13th in Support of Elliott. This means that most of our own dates have been canceled for August, but we are coming to nearly all of the same cities. The shows with Elliott will just be better shows plus, Elliot is awesome. So please check our shows page for the updates. Any questions regarding tour can be sent to Eva our exclusive booking agent. We look forward to seeing you all very soon. And keep your ears open when you watch MTV's The Real World Hawaii. Some of our songs have been popping up on the show lately. In Fact, we are a featured artist of the folks who do the show.

May 31 1999- Well, we are very close to embarking on our first United States Tour. We will be playing around 52 dates across the U.S. this summer. Check our shows page for all the details, it has been freshly updated. If you would like to help us out by posting the tour dates anywhere or sending them to friends who might appreciate them, please do so. We want to see all of you somewhere this summer. In other news, we now have a manager. We are working with the Ghostwood Collective. Just don't email us until september because we won't be home to check your mails now. In more unhappy news, our good friends, Inside have broken up. Our split cd with them will no longer be happening. The split will most likely be with The Grey A.M. now. Expect it out sometime around september on onedaysavior records. It contains two unreleased songs from us. The second pressing of the split cd with dawson high should also be out in july. It has a new unreleased song from both bands and brand new artwork. Keep an eye out for it.

May 16 1999- First of all, The "Mailorder Department" is now closed. Merchandise will not be available from us through mail from this day until september. We are gearing down for tour and have virtually no merchandise at this time. We will have plenty of merchandise on tour which you can check out right here but we are not selling anything in the mail anymore. So please do not send checks for the new full length of t-shirts or anything. If you do, you will not receive any merch until september. sorry for the hassle. But anyways, we will be on the road all summer long. Most of the dates are posted on our shows page. Please, come out and see us in your area. We would love to meet you. Also, we will not be checking our email on tour, so you might not hear responses from us for a long time. Don't take it personally, we will just be gone.

March 26 1999- Finally, our first full length record Understand This is a Dream is out in stores. It was released on the 23rd of this month and is available at many stores where music is sold all across the globe. And if you happen to go into your local record store, and do not see this compact disc, and would like to change that, please tell the folks that the store to get our record. It is quite easy for them to order it. In other news, we finished recording and mixing our two songs for our split cd with Inside. we hope that record will be out in june sometime. both of our songs are brand new and we like them alot. We are also booking our summer tour right now. we will be heading all throughout the united states of america for all three months of the summer. if you book shows and would like to do a show for us, please drop us a line.

January 21 1999- first off, tooth and nail had to move the release date of understand this is a dream back an entire month until march 23rd. so, expect to see our new record on shelves that day. it was slowed down because our layout ended up taking a bit longer than planned... speaking of layouts though, jason parker has done a fantastic job on the layout for the new record and we think it looks killer. next weekend, we head into the studio to record two songs for a split cd with long island's own inside. we are doing two brand new songs, and inside is also doing two unreleased tunes. this will be out sometime early summer on onedaysavior records. we are also working on finalizing plans for yet another split cd. this one will be on willowtip records and will feature the grey a.m. and us. once again, it will be two unreleased songs from each band. we are really excited about both of these splits because both bands are awesome and nice guys too. more on this split to come later.... as always, merch is available through mailorder. we have t-shirts, cd's, zines, buttons, stickers, and more. just email brett for more details.

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