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All Juliana Theory news was originally posted on thejulianatheory.com website. Content is re-published with permission from the group.

December 10 1998- since recording our first full length "understand this is a dream" in october we have written two new songs. one is called "if i told you this was killing me would you stop" and it is unlike any song we have written previously. it has been added to our regular setlist. so make sure you come see us live if you get a chance. we have been playing out every weekend. tooth and nail set a release date for the full length at february 23rd. we figure it will be a bit later than that, but that's the tentative release date. along with the cd version of understand this is a dream, we are expecting to release the full length on twelve inch vinyl on heart in hand records. the vinyl version will feature a completely different layout using artwork by limbert favian (snapcase, hankshaw). speaking of artwork, a couple weeks ago we did our photo shoot with photographer roman barrett. he did some incredible work that we are really pleased with and it will be all throughout the full length. his work is sure to make the cd look quite eye catching. the eighth issue of nothing left fanzine is out now. and along with being one of the best indie publications money can buy, it also comes with a sampler cd that contains a track by us and alot of awesome bands like coalesce, elliot, mineral, and more. also in the talking stage is a split seven inch record with long island's finest-- inside. more on that to come. we have been getting requests for merchandise alot lately, so there will soon be a merch section on this website. until then, just know that we have stickers and t-shirts in all sizes that are available. email us if you want anything.

November 2 1998- we just returned from the studio in little rock arkansas. we recorded our first full length with Barry Poynter and Jason Magnusson who did an incredible job. The record will be entitled understand this is a dreamand will be released on tooth and nail records with whom we have just recently signed a recording contract... stay tuned for more.

October 8 1998- The Juliana Theory/Dawson High split CD is FINALLY HERE!! It arrived at my doorstep this morning. So, if you want your own copy just send a check or money order for $9 made out to Brett Detar to: The Juliana Theory RD 5 Box 306 Greensburg PA 15601

August 27 1998- We have just finished writing all of the songs for our full length record which we will be recording in Little Rock Arkansas at Poynter Recordings. The recording starts on October 16th and we are super excited. More on that will be here shortly... I swear our split cd with Dawson High will be coming out within the next couple weeks. As with most DIY projects, there have been a few technical difficulties, for which we apologize. As soon as we get it though, we will have it listed here. Thanks for your patience.

July 25 1998- We just recorded two nights ago at Gamut Productions in Latrobe for another compilation. We spent a few hours to lay down the song "infatuation." It will appear on a comp for Arise Records.

July 12 1998- Welcome to our brand new online home here at hxc.com. We hope you enjoy it. This change should mean more advantages to you. Talk of a full length is under way right now. No label for this project has been chosen yet, but be sure that the cd will slay. We plan to record in october. Also, along with our upcoming split cd with dawson high on arise records, we will also be appearing on a few compilations.... The first of these is the sampler cd that comes along with Nothing Left Fanzine (which is an awesome zine if you have never seen it before). the october issue will feature a cd with songs by over twenty bands including unreleased tunes from jejune, hot water music, and a brand new mineral song. this sampler comes with the zine that only costs $2, what a deal! We also have a song coming out on an awesome comp entitled "Songs For the Broken Hearted" from Glue Factory/Oglio Records. It is a cd which features over 18 unreleased tracks by some bands including weston, jchurch, gameface, jimmy eat world, metroshifter, and plenty more of your favorite rock bands!

May 21 1998- The time is getting closer and closer for our first cd release... The split cd with Dawson High is coming very shortly from your friends at Arise Records.

May 4 1998- We just got back from playing a great show tonight with 3 super bands... mid carson july, grade, and hot water music. It was a good time for all, and was fun to be able to play with such awesome bands. The four songs that have been called "Stargazers" will be released as a split cd on Arise Records shortly. We hope the split will be with fellow Greensburger's, Dawson High. In webpage news, the lyrics to our newest songs have been added to the site.

April 16 1998- Last night we re-mixed stargazers. It is no longer available as a demo but will soon be out on compact disc. If you have heard it on demo, this mix is much better and comes with a few added surprises, so get ready! In other news, talks of a full length from the theory in the very near future are under way, so be on the lookout for more news to come on that. We have also written 4 brand new songs since stargazers was recorded... we hope to have these songs totally ready for our upcoming shows.

March 3 1998- Welcome to our brand new website. Thanks for checking it out. The four songs we recorded in February are now available in demo format. The cassette is entitled "stargazers." We are selling it for $3 and it is much better than the old demo. However, it will not be available for long, because it is slated to be remixed and released in compact disc format. This cd should be out in June. After its release, expect a full length to come out some time in the fall.

February 12 1998- the theory has just returned from the studio. we recorded last night at Signal Sound Studios in Quakertown PA with Dana Fehr (shiva, digger, weston, etc),Barry Johnston, and Pete Davis. We had a great time and Dana and Barry are the best!! We recorded 4 songs, three new ones and week long embrace from off the demo. It took less than 8 hours, but we are prety pleased with what we have. They will be for sale on a tape in the near future, but we basically recorded them to send out the the labels that are interested in us and for a few compilation cds. if you want to hear the stuff, email us... (and if you want to get in touch with Dana for your own recording needs, his prices are very reasonable and we highly reccomended him, call him at 610.253.2928)

January 19 1998- well, we have had demos available for some time now, but i am just such a slacker that i never got it up on here yet. it is a four song cassette entitled "this is not a love song... this is a demonstration" which contains these tracks: this is not a love song, week long embrace, seven forty seven, and a bonus track. to get your very own copy, all you really need is just $3... come to a show or email us to purchase one for yourself. in other news, we plan to head into the studio in allentown in the month of march. i think it is the same place where some rad indie bands like weston recorded.. so, it should rock out. we plan to record 2 or 3 songs for a split seven inch. we would like to split the record with a band who compliments us musically. there are a few bands who we are considering and talking to right now, but we are still very open. so, if you know of or are in a band that may be interested in splitting a record with us, email us please! really soon, we should have some sound clips in wav format on this site... so, be checking back and stuff. oh yeah, and pics are coming soon too.... i promise!

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