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All Juliana Theory news was originally posted on thejulianatheory.com website. Content is re-published with permission from the group.

November 18 1997- today we started recording for our first demo. we worked with brian smith and eric adamczyk and their nice little four track machines. this will be nothing fancy, but we hope that it will tide over those of you who are asking to hear some of our music. for being done all live and with everything in nearly one take, we think it sounds pretty cool. it has six songs to tickle your fancy and your aural cavities. be looking for it around the area! check out our lyrics... i just finally got the time to put them up here. hope you like em.

October 28 1997- well, thank you for stopping by the brand new official site of western pennsylvania's newest indie rock band... the juliana theory. we hope you are enjoying your visit. we would also like to thank anyone who has come to our first two shows... both have had great turnouts and both have had some great bands (dawson high, at the drive in, the berlin project, pensive, and lots more).

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