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Josh Fiedler Biography

Joshua Fiedler
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Born on December 19, 1978 in Latrobe, Pennsylvania, Joshua Fiedler was born and raised of Jewish faith and grew up inspired to play music as both his cousin and dad played guitar.

When Josh was 16 he played in his first band, Noisome, along with his cousin and future Juliana Theory and Confident Years drummer Neil Hebrank. After Fiedler’s cousin moved to Delaware Josh Kosker joined the band to create some grunge and pop-punk sounds.

The Juliana Theory was formed in 1997 as a side project for each member and became the group's main focus when Brett left Zao in 1999. Fiedler played lead guitar for the life of the group. Josh was one of the three remaining original members when the band called it quits in 2006.

In October 2005 he married long time love Christine Weber during a two week hiatus from touring with The Juliana Theory. Two days after returning from his honeymoon he was back on the road touring again.

In 2006 after The Juliana Theory disbanded Josh created a new band called Vesta and later added Chad and Kosker from The Juliana Theory.

On October 6th 2009 Vesta released their debut album.

As of 2009 Josh Fiedler lives in Greensburg with his wife Christine and daughter Caydence and plays lead guitar in the band Vesta.

Josh's Xbox handle is joshf1026. Web Chat

February 23 2009

Josh has taken part in a web chat on along with Vesta band mate Josh Fiedler.

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