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Brett Detar
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Born on April 30th 1978 at Westmoreland Hospital in Greensburg Pennsylvania, Brett's parents would sing to him even before he was born and then sang him to sleep each night when he was a baby, perhaps this lead to his incredible vocal ability later in life.

When he started junior high school Brett developed a passion for the sport ice hockey, invested much of his time and efforts into the game and played regularly. Around this time Brett met school friend Chad at a church camp and together wrote their first collaborative song titled 'Take My Advice'. Shortly after this they formed thier first band, Pensive. At this stage of the future Juliana Theory singers life, he realised that hockey would take a backseat to his musical output and quit the sport in his senior year of High School.

The band Pensive was formed in November 1994 and was Brett's first official group where he played alongside future Juliana Theory band mates Chad Alan and Josh Walters plus future Zao band mate Martin Lunn.

When he was around eighteen or nineteen years old he played guitar in the group Zao and contributed his skills to the album 'Where Blood and Fire Bring Rest' which was released in 1998. At this stage The Juliana Theory was merely a side project. Brett left Zao in 1999 to concentrate on The Juliana Theory.

Brett produced the full length album 'Missing You Dearly' for the band Twothirtyeight which was released on Takehold Records in 1999.

Detar collaborated with Chris Evenson of the band Sense Field for a Christmas song called 'Bittersweet Eve' under the moniker of Belasana which was featured on the 2004 compilation 'Maybe This Christmas Tree'.

During a spring 2005 Juliana Theory show at the Lime Spider venue in Akron, Ohio, the infamous 'Lime Spider incident' occurred. Brett, whilst performing with sinus inflammation was bellowing out the final scream to the Deadbeat Sweetheartbeat track French Kiss Off when he passed out, somersaulted off the stage to the floor where a monitor then landed on his head. After the rest of the band finished the song Brett had to be taken to hospital where he had staples put in the back of his head.

In the Juliana Theory as well as producing and working on art work Brett played keyboard, piano, rhythm guitar and was the lead vocal for the life of the band.

In 2008 Brett starred in the music video for the Jonathan Wilson song 'Natural Rhapsody'.

The 2010 Rookie Of The Year album 'The Most Beautiful' features Brett.

As of 2010 Brett has a recording studio in New York City called Soho Taxidermy.

Brett Launches Official Website

30th September 2009

Brett Detar of Pensive and Juliana Theory fame has finally launched an official website. Why not take a look below then drop by and say hi?

Natural Rhapsody

September 21, 2009

Brett features in the Jonathan Wilson music video for the track Natural Rhapsody directed by Michael Patrick Graham.

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