If I Told You This Was Killing Me, Would You Stop?

Juliana Theory Emotion Is Dead
featured on Emotion Is Dead

Watch your mouth hold your toungue boy because you're running out of breath running out of time before every careless word that you utter renders you utterly useless now you're drowning in your own saliva trying to speak yourself to the top of your hardcore world well keep on talking just keep on rambling you've got your mouth full.

Now listen here's the pleasant part you and I we fell apart why don't you make up your mind shut your mouth burn your bridges throw your words like an attack stab me in the wait a second what's that I just heard nevermind it's obviously useless now you're standing on your soapbox yelling from the rooftops everything you say is a lie.

Now listen here's the clever one who speaks before his thoughts are done why can't you make up your mind watch your mouth hold your tongue some things are better left unsaid now I hope you're pleased you let your pride stand tall it danced within your words right before your fall why don't you say that to my face if I told you this was killing me would you stop?

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