Brett Detar Interview

26 February, 2010

Juliana Theory vocalist Brett Detar took time to answer some questions in regard to the up coming TJT reunion shows which the band will be playing this August. Here is what he had to share.


  • Two of the six Emotion is Dead shows are now sold out, how are the tickets for the remaining four shows selling?

Honestly, I am in shock about how well tickets have been selling. I never expected NYC to sell out before it even went on sale to the public. It's been crazy. They are all selling very well, and we're still 6 months out! This just proves how loyal our fans are and always were. We're blessed to have such amazing fans.

Brett Detar

  • Ticketmaster kindly added about four different taxes and handling fees when I brought a ticket through them, have the fans given you a hard time on the ticket outlets pushing up the ticket prices with their handling fees?

No one has been giving us a hard time but trust me, we are not fans of Ticketmaster and their fees. It's highway robbery. I buy a lot of hockey tickets so I am all too acquainted with Ticketmaster taking far more than their share.

  • There's a buzz surrounding the reunion tour, I'm finding a lot of news stories, blogs and forum posts through Google alerts, people discovering the news about the shows everyday and generally seem very stoked about you guys getting back together for one last round. Are you surprised how big a deal the Emotion is Dead shows are? Does it take you back a decade to when the album first came out?

Yes sir. I am definitely surprised and humbled by it all. It's a great feeling to know that I was a part of something that is bigger than me. The band was fortunate enough to make some music that connected with people and I never take that for granted. Again, our fans kept us doing what we were doing for years and they've again enabled us one last time to go out there and play these special reunion shows. I'm a lucky guy. We all feel fortunate to be able to do this.

Brett Detar
image courtesy Jade L. Photo

  • There seems to be a lot of demand for a middle America show on Facebook and MySpace, if all six shows sell out is there realistically any chance of a seventh show for fans who live in the centre of the states?

It's a real shame that we won't be playing in Chicago, Texas, Salt Lake City, Florida, Nashville, Toronto, London, Sydney, and so many other places that we hold near and dear to our hearts. Everybody else in the band is a full time student or works full time (and some do both). The possibility of adding more shows just wasn't feasible for us. If it was up to me, we'd be doing a few more shows but this is what happens when a full-time career band breaks up. We did so much touring for 10 years that I think these shows probably just showcase the idea of "you don't know what you have until it's gone". It's probably that way with alot of bands. You see them come to town time and again and you just get used to it and start ignoring them until you realize that you'll never have the chance to see them again. It's just like life.

  • Are there any songs from Emotion is Dead that you are going to be playing for the first time?

We've never played 'Something Isn't Right Here' before. We've also never played 'Don't Push Love Away'.

  • Any which you are dreading having to perform? Sha la la la la.

I'm not looking forward to playing 'something Isn't Right Here'. I think I should just pull someone up from the audience each night and let them sing it!

  • Is there any reason that the last ever TJT show will be in San Francisco? Or is it simply geographical?

I think we'd have preferred to have our final show ever in Pittsburgh, but this was a geographical decision. Yep. Haha.

  • Are you looking forward to getting back on the road?

I'm looking forward to getting back on the road doing my solo thing and I am definitely looking forward to sharing the stage with Chad and the Joshes again.

  • It seems a lot of people still think that the Dawson High split was a record by The Juliana Theory. Have you had many requests for Goonight Starlight or Port Matilda as songs to be played in the fan favourite set?

That's funny because our good buddy Jeff Kish (who sang for Dawson High along with Kosker and wrote Goodnight Starlight) and I have a running joke about how many kids say that's their favorite Juliana Theory song. Haha. If we did a poll for fan favorites, 'Goodnight Starlight' would probably make it into the top 20. Coincidentally, there's an interesting death metal version of it on YouTube!

  • Perhaps Kosker could play them solo.

I'd be down. We actually covered 'I Didn't Mean to Break Your Heart' by Dawson High at a few shows when Kosker was just filling in for the band (before he was a member).

  • Understand This Is A Dream on Vinyl comes out on March 23 through Academy Fight Song and Mightier Than Sword Records, it comes with the extra bonus track 'Farewell My Friend' which is previously unreleased. What's the story? Was this the song which yourself and Fiedler recorded in Barry Poynter's living room?

Ian, you're good, man. That it is. Fiedler played guitar in the living room and I sang at the kitchen table!

Brett Detar
image courtesy Andy Schwegler

  • Anymore news on your solo project? When can we expect to hear some new stuff from you?

Thanks so much for asking. I am currently deep in vocal land. All of the music for the record is recorded. I am just singing and mixing right now. I wish I had a release date, but i don't yet. I'll definitely start updating a lot more when the date gets closer. I'll be giving away music and goodies. Join me on facebook or twitter where I'll be giving away free music as soon as it's available!

  • To anyone out there who hasn't yet got themselves tickets to the Juliana Theory reunion tour this August, what would you say to them?

I'd just say that it's going to be a blast to get back together to play the full record and to see everyone again. I have a feeling that these evenings are going to be all about nostalgia for a lot of people and we're happy to facilitate that. So, if you're out there and you want to relive your college years or your high school years, or if you just want to remember 'Emotion is Dead' then please come out. We're looking forward to hanging out with everyone and can't wait to get back up there together again.

You can buy tickets for the remaining Juliana Theory reunion shows using the links below:
Friday August 20 2010 – New York, NY – Highline Ballroom - Tickets
Saturday August 21 2010 – Pittsburgh, PA – Mr Small’s Theater - Tickets
Sunday August 22 2010 – Philadelphia, PA – The Trocadero - Tickets
Friday August 27 2010 – Pomona, CA – The Glasshouse - Tickets
Saturday August 28 2010 – Los Angeles, CA – The El Rey Theater - Tickets
Sunday August 29 2010 – San Francisco, CA – The Independent - Tickets

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