Deadbeat Sweetheartbeat

  1. This Is a Lovesong... for the Loveless - Lyrics
  2. We Make the Road by Walking - Lyrics
  3. Shotgun Serenade - Lyrics
  4. Leave Like a Ghost (Drive Away) - Lyrics
  5. My Heart Is a Soldier - Lyrics
  6. I Love You to Death (Drive Safe) - Lyrics
  7. This Valentine Ain't No Saint - Lyrics
  8. 10,000 Questions - Lyrics
  9. The Final Song - Lyrics
  10. French Kiss Off - Lyrics

  1. (hidden) Her Velvet Voice - Lyrics


Recorded by John Travis and mixed by Joe Barresi, Deadbeat Sweetheartbeat was recorded between November 4th and December 8th 2004 with vocals recorded between December 2004 and January 2005. The album was released on September 13th 2005 by Paper Fist/ Abacus Recordings. Art direction by Kris McCaddon and Brett Detar, illustration and design by Kris McCaddon.

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